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"Rob Burton of Signature Home Watch was instrumental in facilitating preparations for the recent sale of our clients’ home. 


The clients were 1500 miles away and gone for the season, when their home went under contract.  They were able to count on Rob to not only make arrangements for packing and moving the belongings of their 5 bedroom home but to prepare the property for its sale as well.  Signature Home Watch retained and coordinated various reputable vendors to complete the agreed upon repairs and ensured that the home was well maintained, cleaned and ready to be turned over to the new owners.


Rob’s natural ability to network and overall positive demeanor brings a sense of trust and relief to those who hire Signature Home Watch.  We would highly recommend that you call Signature Home Watch for your property management needs."


The Simmonds Realty Team- Jupiter, FL

"Buying a Florida condo while still living in Massachusetts could have been an extremely stressful experience, especially when we were not moving in for several months. However, after hiring Signature Home Watch, we knew the process would be easier by coordinating with Rob Burton, who was “on-the-ground” in Jupiter.


Once the contract was signed, Rob provided us with weekly reports of work-in-progress of minor repairs identified in the inspection report. He also followed up with the real estate agent and the homeowners association regarding documentation. On another occasion, Rob arranged for access to the condo to have the HVAC unit checked. Other important services performed weekly included running water in the sinks to ensure no water leaks, flushing of toilets and checking for any pest infestation.


We authorized Rob to work with an assigned general contractor who performed a renovation prior to our moving in. Rob periodically sent photos of progress. He also met the movers when household goods arrived, directing furniture placement and cartons to appropriate rooms. When we finally arrived, the condo was in move-in-ready condition.


Rob provided service beyond our expectations. It was the next-to best thing to being there. Signature Home Watch was awesome."


Toby and Alan - Jupiter, FL

"On a quick trip to FL we decided to purchase a condo, now what? Well, we hired Rob Burton at Signature Home Watch to help. Rob worked with the selling RE agent to make the sale a smooth transaction. Afterwards, Signature Home Watch provided weekly inspections and reports letting us know that everything was fine in the condo until we moved in. We then found out that there was a unit at the other end of our floor that suffered water damage from the unit above it that went undetected for weeks and was a costly repair. Signature Home Watch provided peace of mind during our absence and Rob Burton was a consummate professional- he provided regular communication, reliability and at a great price. Thank you Signature Home Watch."


Debbie and Paul- Juno Beach, FL

"Leaving your home vacant for 3-4 months is quite stressful. It’s not a question of if a problem will occur but what are you going to do when you are away and it does happen? Rob Burton with Signature Home Watch was our solution.


Signature Home Watch provided weekly visits inspecting everything from the proper function of the HVAC system, to ensuring there were no pest infestation issues, to starting the vehicles, to confirmation that the services(pool, landscaping, tree trimming) were being done in our absence, to forwarding our mail every week and making sure the newspaper stop was accurate was invaluable. We had a situation where our refrigerator water line burst and flooded our kitchen and hallway. Signature Home Watch caught it early during one of their inspections and successfully managed the clean-up and dry-out process. If it were not for their weekly inspections and eye for detail, this would have caused a significant mold issue and tens of thousands of dollars in an insurance claim.


Thank- you Rob Burton of Signature Home Watch, you will be watching our home this summer!"


Marcy- Jupiter, FL

"We would highly recommend Rob Burton and Signature Home Watch to anyone who needs his services!


Rob is the type of person you can connect with immediately. He is ‘on the ball’, always on time, dependable, a great communicator, always responds quickly and is fun to work with.


We are a real estate team who depends on trusting the people we refer to our clients, and we would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone."


Amy and John Simmonds – The Simmonds Realty Team Jupiter, FL

"Selling our home, buying our new home and moving all while we were out of town would have been impossible if not for Signature Home Watch. Rob Burton worked with our seller’s  realtor to provide access and oversaw work by contractors and managed the whole process with the movers.


At the new house he kept us up to date with the inspectors, contractors doing work and even identified a boat lift issue 3 days before closing. Once the purchase was completed, he provided weekly inspections and his reporting tool emailed us pictures and comments after each visit, it was as if we were at our new home. It was invaluable having Signature Home Watch work as our advocate, they provided us with total piece of mind while we were gone.


If you need your property watched, I highly recommend Signature Home Watch, it’s like having a trusted family member watching one of your largest assets!"


Dan- Jupiter, FL

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